How to check out


Checkout time is 10:30.

How to check out

(Note) If you do not check out, you will be charged an extension fee due to the system.
Please put your card key on the tablet and press the checkout button at the front door.
※Please make sure that you have not left anything behind.Underneath the table is the area where there are many things left behind!!
Please make sure to close the door before going out.

If you have lost anything, such as a card key, umbrella, or safe key, please call us.
(The actual cost of the card key and safe key is 5000 yen, and the umbrella is 2000 yen.)

This year, our daily life has changed a lot so I’m worried about this unknown viruses, but I would be so happy if you could refresh yourself with a little fun and go out with a smile.
I’m looking forward to see you again!
Thank you very much for staying at “tsuzumi-suite “
tsuzumi-suite Manager Nakata