Room Usage Guide


Welcome to the tsuzumi-suite!

Thank you for staying here tonight.

This facility was opened in November 2019 as a movie theater where you can stay.

We promise that this room will be safe and comfortable with ozone sterilization, cleaning, and sterilization!

“Everything in the refrigerator and freezer is free of charge. “

“kenjo kaga-bocha ” is the highest level of Hojicha made to give to the Japan Emperor.

We have prepared warm tea on the fridge and on the counter (Hot drink is for winter only).
Please feel free to drink it.

The explanation of the room face-to-face is partially omitted as part of the measures against coronavirus.

We have compiled a using inn guide below, so please check it.

If you have any problems, please contact us via LINE on your tablet.

In case of emergency, push the tablet phone marking (free)
Or Please call 080-9447-2233 the guest-only dial.

tsuzumi-suite Manager Nakata